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What is microblading?

The most frequently asked Microblading question. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure whereby a manual hand tool and a very fine needle is used to stroke pigment into the skin to resemble that of a natural hair stroke.


How long does it Last?

Microblading lasts between 1-2 years all depending on your lifestyle and your skin type. Oilier skin types don’t hold pigment well and therefore shading is suggested to ensure longevity.


Does microblading hurt?

Microblading pain levels is minimal due to the local and secondary anesthetic that is used. Most clients find the procedure comfortable and manageable.


Am I suited for microblading?

If you do not suffer from any skin related issues or severe medical conditions then you are a suited candidate.

If you have a normal to combo skin type then yes microblading would work well. Oilier skin types don’t hold microblading strokes well so therefore it’s advise to do a Ombré brow instead. If you are unsure, book a consultation with Tam Contact: 0728608511


How long is the procedure?

Microblading can take up to 2 hours as this is a very delicate procedure that requires concentration and should not be rushed.


What is the aftercare?

No exercising  for the first week.

No wetting the brows, do not saturate the area with water.

Apply barrier cream as suggested

No chemical peels or needling before and after the treatment

Do not go into the sun as this can affect your healed results

No picking and scratching

Let them heal naturally


If I have medical issues can I attempt microblading?

If you have any medical issues, you need to advise your technician so that they may advise you accordingly, or seek advice from your physician and obtain a doctor’s note.


How many sessions?

Microblading is a 2 part process in order to achieve optimal results. Your second session is vital to ensure the microblading last up to 2 years and should take place 6 weeks post your initial session.


Do I have to maintain microblading?

Yes , microblading needs to be maintained annually in order for the shape and colour to look good.


Can I tint my brows before?

It’s not suggested to tint the brows before the microblading procedure in order for your technician to match a colour that blends naturally with your hair.


Can I wax or thread my brows before?

You can wax and thread 1 week before your procedure and 1 week after


Are my brows going to be dark?

Yes your brows will be dark for the first week post your first session. They will however settle after the week of healing. The pigment takes on average 3 weeks to settle so be patient with the process. You will see your final results after 4 weeks and at this point you should return for the touch up.


Can you fix my bad microblading done elsewhere?

If the shape is good then yes I can. I will always try my best to improve the work but there are some cases that I cannot assist. It’s suggested to book a consultation so that I can advise accordingly.


Can I attempt microblading if I am about to do chemo?

Yes you can, please consult with the oncologist and make contact with us to arrange accordingly. Pigment is expected to change color due to chemicals in chemo and doesn’t hold for long periods.

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