Microblading Training – Fundamental

Microblading Fundamental Training

Microblading Training - Fundamental

3 Day Course – R14 400 (including kit)

Start a new career in permanent makeup PMU with our Microblading training and learn all there is to know about creating the perfect brow. The Microblading training will give you a full fundamental understanding on various aspects the technique. Not only does this curriculum consist of in-depth video content, that will guide you through the most vital procedures of grasping the theory, it will also prepare you mentally and physically for your practical sessions. This is, so that you are confident when performing the Microblading procedure.


How does it work:

Theory :

Once you purchase the course, you will receive access to our online theory training. Here you will follow a step-by-step program that will guide you through theory. You will receive your fully comprehensive kits and begin practice and assignments, which you are to submit to the trainer before the scheduled practical training day. On completion of your theory and feeling confident in your practice technique, you are now ready for practical training, which is 3 days in total.



Practical :

Day 1 :

9:00 – Class begins and trainer discussed theory.

11:00 – Group will begin with measurement practice.

12:00 – Lunch is served.

13:00 – You will have an opportunity to practice on practice skin and practice heads. The trainer will assist with the template and we continuously practice technique. Trainer will guide you through the process and assist where needed.

Day 2 :

9:00 – Class begins. Set up your stations for your first model.

9:30 – Your first model will arrive and you will begin the prep process. The trainer will complete the measurement and template work. The student is just to fill in a couple of strokes with the assistance of the trainer.

11:30 / 12:00 – Lunch is served.
12:30 – Your second model will begin to arrive. Trainer will assist with prep. Student to complete measurement and template work with the assistance of the trainer.

Day 3 :

9:00 – Class begins and students are to prep stations.

9:30 – Model three arrives. Student will complete process from start to finish with the assistance of the trainer.
11:30 – lunch is served.
12:30 – Model four arrives, student is to complete process with assistance where needed.

On completion of practical, you will have full access to the online theory, videos and continuous support and guidance from your trainer. You will be added to a support WhatsApp group, where we can voice our struggles and support one another through this process.

  • Lunch and refreshments will be provided for the students during practical days training.
  • Safe parking is available for students if required.
  • Venue is close to all public transport stops and there is easy access to all major highways.
  • Class are smaller therefore minimizing risks for students and models, allowing us to be COVID compliant.

Online Theory Overview

Lessons – 56 

Video footage – 142 minutes


  • Introduction to microblading
  • Colour theory
  • The healing process
  • Needle configuration
  • Template work
  • Measurement
  • Contra-indications
  • Safety protocol
  • The complete microblading process
  • Model – Live demo


Students are to complete 8 successful case studies in order to achieve certification.

Microblading Kit

Microblading Kit
Kit Breakdown:
  • 3 X loaded pigment 15ml from Li Pigment. Pre-modified and the best in the industry.
  • Microblading pen
  • Local and secondary anaesthetic
  • 15 x 16 flexi blades
  • 15 x 14 flexi blades
  • 3 x practice skins
  • Brow razor
  • Microblading pencil
  • Eyeliner pencil and sharpener
  • Thread
  • 10 x Mascara brush
  • 10 x Micro brush
  • Plastic wrap
  • Brow ruler
  • 2 x aftercare sachets
  • Designer mask
  • 30 x Pigment cups
  • 30 x Pigment rings
  • Pigment cup holder
  • Chlorohexidine
  • Saline solution
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